Lithium Spinels Microwave Ferrite, Li Ferrite Material Series Microwave Ferrite and Ceramic, Lithium-Titanium-Zink Ferrite Material

Lithium Spinels Microwave Ferrite, Li Ferrite Material Series Microwave Ferrite and Ceramic, Lithium-Titanium-Zink Ferrite Material
Lithium Spinels Microwave Ferrite, Li Ferrite Material Series Microwave Ferrite and Ceramic, Lithium-Titanium-Zink Ferrite Material
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      Ningbo Chiyue Magnet Factory is a domestic recognized leader in the field of Microwave ferrite/gyromagnetic ferrite in China .Based on many years' scientific and practical experience,we produce and sell in the area of magnetism and its applications.
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      S-BAND 大功率隔离器用旋磁铁氧体,价æ Â¼Ã¤Â¼Â˜Ã¦Âƒ 



      YGA Moderate continuous power material series: 

      S-BAND 大功率隔离器用旋磁铁氧体,价æ Â¼Ã¤Â¼Â˜Ã¦Âƒ 

      Spinal nickel gyramagnetic microwave ferrite material series:

      S-BAND 大功率隔离器用旋磁铁氧体,价æ Â¼Ã¤Â¼Â˜Ã¦Âƒ 


      Spinal lithium microwave ferrite power material series:

      S-BAND 大功率隔离器用旋磁铁氧体,价æ Â¼Ã¤Â¼Â˜Ã¦Âƒ 

      Microwave Ferrites, Microwave Ferrite and Ceramic, Garnet & Ferrite (Microwave), Narrow Linewidth Ferrite Material, Microwave Ferrite Based Components, Nickel Spinels Microwave Ferrite, Lithium Spinels Microwave Ferrite




      · At the expense of high specific electrical resistivity (ρ >106 Om·sm) ferrites are characterised by low dielectric losses at high frequencies tgδ=10-2÷10-4).

      · Dielectric permittivity ε‘ (about 10-15)

      · Thermal stability in a wide temperature range

      · The high activity is being determined by the value of minimal bias which is essential for required nominal parameters providing.

      · Saturation magnetization, M s; 4Ï€Ms (400-5000 G)

      · The width of resonance curve 2ΔH is one of the main parameters characterising properties of ferrites applied in high-frequency band. The yttrium-iron monocrystals exhibit the minimal value 2ΔH =0.3-0.5 Oe. The width of resonanse curve of polycrystalline ferrites varies from 30…40 to 800-1000 Oe.


      Microwave ferrite shapes:


      Diameter: 1-55 mm
      Platesmaximal size: 50.8 x 50.8 mm
       thickness: 0.5-3 mm
      Trianglesmax diameter: 12mm
       Rods max length: 90 mm
      CompositionFerrites and dielectric materials

      Materials on the base of yttrium iron garnetsCHIYUE  manufactures ferrites or ceramics on the base of compounds with garnet and spinel structures. Yttrium-iron garnets are applied for production of different high-frequency devices operating in low border of high-frequency band. The great interest to ferrites with garnet structure, particularly, to yttrium garnet is explained by narrow line of ferromagnetic resonance absorption. Such materials are also characterised by small magnetic losses; relatively high magnetization; high thermalstability.Often ions of Cobalt and Rare-earth ions (Dy), (Gd) are introduced to materilas structure in order to improve material characteristics for increasing of ferrite stability to Power.

      Materials on the base od compunds with spinel structureFerrite materials on the base of Mg spinel are characterised by small values of coercive field strength and also by low magnetic and dielectric losses that allows to use them in fields far from resonance area. cocernintg devices operating nerby resonance area the great is interest is attracted to materials on the base of Ni spinel. Such ferrites are characterised by a wide range of magnetization and high thermal stability. Ferrites on the base of Li spinel can be used in discrete phase shifters. Small values of coercive field strength and thermal stability in operating temperature range and a wide range of saturation magnetization values are characteristic for such materials.


      By associating the ferrites with a dielectric material, it is possible to develop a wide choice of composites  for miniaturizing isolator/circulator designs.


      Surface Treatment


      Garnet & Spinel ferrites: Space/Defense/Telecommunications

      Ferrite-Dielectric assembly: Telecommunications

      Acid or Alkali Liquor
      2. Organic Solvent
      3. Electrolyte
      4. Water or Oil
      5. Hydrogen
      6. Active Gas like Chlorine, Ammonia, Oxynitride
      7. Radiation or Radioactive Rays


      Microwave Ferrite Material Series:

      Low magnetic loss and dielectric loss, Good stability of temperature, High dielectric coefficient

      Ni ferrite material series:Well temperature stability, Small ferromagnetic resonance line width, High spin wave width line, Low dielectric loss

      Ni ferrite high power material series:Low magnetic and dielectric loss, well temperature stability, excellent surface density and compactness

      General garnet material series:Low magnetic loss and dielectric loss, Good stability of temperature, Excellent surface density and well compatibility

      Narrow line width garnet material series:Small ferromagnetic resonance line width, Good stability of temperature, Excellent surface density and well compatibility

      High power and low temperature coefficient garnet material:Low magnetic loss and dielectric loss, Good stability in temperature, Bear the high peak power

      Microwave high-Q ferrite resonator series:Small ferromagnetic resonance width line, High working frequency band and well temperature stability (lower than 50Hz/°c), Stable properties parameter and length, No magnetic static wave oscillation in the working frequency band

      Microwave Ferrites & Magnetic Materials include:

      Narrow Linewidth
      Aluminum & Aluminum Gadolinium Substituted Garnets
      Gadolinum Substituted Garnets
      Cobalt & Holmium Doped Garnets
      Magnesium Spinels
      Nickel Spinels
      Lithium Spinels
      Absorbers & Inductors
      Basic Dielectrics
      Magnesium Aluminum Titanate
      Magnesium Calcium Titanate
      Phase Shifters

      S-BAND 大功率隔离器用旋磁铁氧体,价æ Â¼Ã¤Â¼Â˜Ã¦Âƒ 

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